Forever going with the flow

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Taylor (2011/12): "These days, I've been trying to classify my thoughts into two categories, "Things I can change," and "Things I can't.""
Harry (Oct 2012): *Gets 'things i can' and 'things i cant' tattoos on his arms*
Taylor (Dec 14th, 2012): *releases IKYWT video starring a love interest who has a ship tattoo on his upper arm*
Harry (Dec 19th, 2012): *gets a ship tattoo in exact same spot 5 days later*
Taylor (2011): “‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice' – if I ever had a wedding, I'd walk down the aisle to that song.”
Harry (Jan, 2013): *Chooses 'Wouldn't it be nice' when asked to pick a song that would be a theme tune of his life*
Taylor (2012): "come back be here"
Harry (2014): "i didnt come back I wasnt there"
Taylor(2012): "I knew you were trouble"
Harry (2014): "I wont trouble you no more"
Taylor (2012): "Now i'm lying on the cold hard ground"
Harry (2014): "lay there on the soft warm ground"
Taylor (1989-): *writes 13 on hand for every concert, wears 13 on every jersey, wears 13 necklace, was born on the 13th, repeatedly talks about 13 being her lucky number*
Harry (2014): "a week and thirteen days"
Taylor (2014): "Dating or finding someone is the last thing on my mind" "I don't have the energy to be in love right now"
Harry (2014): "I love you, now you don't want me to"

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Erik Durm - requested by anon

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